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Functional Medicine

female hands holding little red heart ornamentWhile conventional medicine takes a bandage approach to treating symptoms, functional medicine uses a whole-body method to address a health condition’s root cause. At Baku Chiropractic & Functional Medicine, we have a particular focus on helping patients with different types of autoimmune diseases, particularly autoimmune thyroid disorders (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Graves Disease).

We also see patients with chronic fatigue, digestive disturbances, nausea, headaches and sleeping issues. Some people also have what we call “mystery illness.” These patients have random symptoms that don’t seem make sense. Often, they’ve already been to many doctors but have not gotten any answers and continue to suffer with their illness.

What to Expect

When it comes to patients’ health, we never guess, but instead test. Here are the ways we determine what’s going on with a patient’s health.

Assessing stress and brain function – We use Heart Rate Variability (HRV) computerized technology, which is the gold standard for measuring stress and brain function. It helps us determine if you are headed towards health and wellness or if you are headed towards sickness and disease. HRV includes some biofeedback that targets organs and parts of the body that are under stress.

Offering several types of evaluations

Toxins – We will evaluate the body for toxins, such as molds, viruses, bacteria, fungus and heavy metals.

Dietary – Many people don’t get enough vitamin D, for example. We will evaluate for nutritional imbalances and recommend additional supplementation if needed. We also perform food allergy testing, which typically consists of kinesiology muscle testing. If we need a deeper test will order bloodwork or take urine samples to check for pH acid/alkalinity levels.

Neurological – These physical and neurological tests are used to assess the brain and the nerves using muscle testing and functional neurology testing in the office.

Our Therapies

The treatment protocol for most patients typically includes supplementation and a combination of therapies, including detoxification, energizing, and anti-inflammatory modalities. Here’s a look at the various tools Dr. Baku has in his toolbox to get optimal results for patients:

Infrared Light Therapy

Hand with light therapy deviceInfrared Light Therapy is an FDA approved, safe and painless modality. Just shining it on the skin alone accelerates healing on a cellular level and stimulates the repair of cells rapidly. Applied light therapy will hold the key to more advanced healing. Changes in nerve functions and organ function have already been witnessed.

Infrared light therapy encompasses the healing power of infrared wavelengths of light. When infrared energy is applied, it dramatically increases circulation, reduces inflammation and promotes healing.

Nitric oxide is the major key component to the improvements that infrared light therapy provides. Nitric Oxide is critical to the health of your arteries. Infrared energy ignites the release of nitric oxide, which enhances blood flow in the immediate vicinity.

This boost in blood flow increases oxygen and results in fast healing.

Just shining the light alone can have tremendous effects on healing the body. Quantum Neurology Practitioners like myself, take that to an advanced and extreme level by applying their light therapy specifically to the body and nervous system, exponentially speeding up the healing response. This is how we are able to see such drastic changes to patients neurologically and in a short amount of time.

Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Bath Therapy

The methods and science behind detox footbaths can get overwhelming to say the least. To put it in simple terms, an ion is a charged atom that has gained or lost an electron which creates a magnetic field capable of attaching to and neutralizing oppositely charged particles. These neutralized particles are extracted from the body through a process called osmosis.

The array is placed into the water along with your feet. The power supply provides a low level direct current to the array. This causes the metals within the array, in combination with water and salt, to generate charged ions by separating the oxygen and hydrogen in the water.

Detox footbath before and afterThe doctor will determine the setting of the footbath based on your symptoms and diagnosis. The ions generated by the cleanse then travel through the body attaching themselves to a multitude of toxic substances, thereby neutralizing their positive or negative charge.

What this means is that we can create a host of healing for things such as heavy metal detoxification, bacterial infections, chemical toxins, high glucose levels, inflammation and chronic pain. In turn your body is creating more Hydrogen Peroxide and lessening the toxic load on your liver and kidneys.

Most conventional footbaths are cheap and lack results. Parker Wellness Center only offers top of the line, high-end machines which have proven scientific results. In addition, independent studies have shown levels of Urea, Creatinine, and Glucose in the patient’s water… proving that these toxins are being pulled from the body.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

Pulsed Harmonix Pro device(PEMF for short) is a powerful addition to any health challenge due to the multiple benefits that it provides. With over 1,000 clinical studies and over 7,000 research articles published validating its therapeutic benefits, it is also one of the most researched and supported technologies in health care.

During the early days of the space program, every time the astronauts would return back to Earth, they would have to be helped out of the ship and put in quarantine until they recovered. In today’s day and age when they return from a mission, they step right off the ship and right to a press conference. Why is that? What is the difference?

The Earth itself generates an electromagnetic field, which in turn acts like a charger to our body. It was always assumed that it was the lack of gravity that made the astronauts sick, but in fact it was because they were away from the Earth’s electromagnetic field. In fact research has proven that in a matter of hours of no exposure to healthy electromagnetic fields, cell metabolism starts to break down causing muscle weakness, bone loss, slower metabolism, disorientation and depression. So NASA did the research and built PEMF units into the astronaut’s suits, hence why they return in much better health.

We tend not to think of our bodies this way, but the only way our bodies work is through electrical signals. If you have ever seen an EKG or EEG test, what they are measuring is the electrical activity of your heart and brain, respectively. It is a well accepted fact in science that normal healthy cells have a field that generates -70 to -110 millivolts of energy.

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When cells drop below -40 to -50 millivolts the person will become sick, and if it drops below -20 millivolts the cells will turn cancerous. Think of how prevalent cancer is right now, and think about how many cases of heart cancer you have ever heard about? None, right? Because the heart is the most electric organ of the body with cells carrying millivoltage over -200, it is impossible for them to become cancer cells.

This is actually not new science; Albert Einstein talked about this energy field back in 1913. Now we have been able to verify all of the benefits as technology has advanced. PEMF has been shown to improve cell regeneration time by increasing cell voltage, increasing oxygen uptake of cells, it strengthens the immune system and makes white blood cells more active, it increases metabolism and has therapeutic benefits in lowering pain. It has also been shown to increase blood circulation, reduce cholesterol and platelet stickiness, prevent blood clots and balance blood pressure. In an addition of speed, it allows your body to absorb nutrients 20 times more efficiently, reduces inflammation and speeds up the detoxification pathways.

It is literally like putting a cell phone on a charger and refilling the battery of energy that it has to run all its applications. The more apps you have open the faster the battery drains. What would happen if you never recharged your phone?

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Frequency Specific Microcurrent is an FDA approved physiologic electric modality that increases ATP (energy) production in the cells of the body. ATP is the substance that cells use to produce functions and create healing. The microcurrent is not felt by the patient and has been shown in research studies to increase ATP by up to 500%. It also increases protein synthesis and amino acid transport, essentially the two building blocks of the body.

In simplest terms, it increases the tissues’ healing rates on a cellular level. In addition, Frequency Specific Microcurrent shows a dramatic increase in the amount of blood circulation, collagen and elastin production, which makes it a great anti aging method as well. In our office, we use specific frequencies to address the various processes required by the body’s tissues.

Similar to a TENS unit, it blocks the chemical pain responses by stimulating the area as it “numbs” the chemical pain signals. Microcurrent reduces pain by decreasing inflammation, flooding your cells with ATP which is what they use for energy. Needless to say, energy heals and helps the body repair to its natural state.


Sensors will be applied to specific parts of your body and the machine frequencies will be tailored to affect what is going wrong in the body and what specific tissue we are trying to address.

Since the current is so small, you will not feel anything. This is important because in order to cause a cellular change, the current has to be so small that you cannot feel it.

The machine will be programmed to run through a specific set of frequencies designed for what you have going on.

Live 02

LiveO2 Multistep Oxygen Therapy

LiveO2 Oxygen Therapy is different from traditional oxygen therapy. This type of oxygen therapy charges your health by super-saturating all your body tissues, blood plasma and lymph with extremely high levels of oxygen. Increasing your body’s oxygen levels will help to promote detoxification, increase energy production, increase healing speed and tissue regeneration (this includes brain and nerve cell tissues as well).

Oxygenating the body helps with blood flow/circulation, anti-aging by healing and improving your mitochondria, disease healing, improved sleep, and improved mental capacity and brain function. Oxygen therapy is amazing for improving physical performance and recovery, and it is crucial to reversing and healing chronic illness and disease.

Neurofeedback Therapy

Neurofeedback Therapy is a combination of gentle pulses of light and sound with guided visualization and soothing music the listener is taken to profound levels of relaxation known for focus, learning and healing. In simple terms, we retrain the brain.

In just 20 relaxing minutes a day you can reverse the damaging effects of stress while reducing or eliminating anxiety and worry. In fact, regular use is proven to stimulate healthy brain chemistry, helping you to gain more energy, improve your immune system, lose excess weight, get rid of bad habits, instill new positive behaviors, and improve your quality of life.

Not only that, SMT can help you achieve just about any goal. Whether you want to attain greater wealth, improve sales performance, enhance your learning, master your sports, or get super fit, Self Mastery Technology provides the right mental rehearsal and mindset to get you there faster and with less effort.

Flashing light patterns train the brain to operate in the best mode for creativity, focus, and mindfulness. This brainwave entrainment can transform the listener into a mental powerhouse with the right mindset to accomplish just about anything.

Imbedded tones guide the brain into states of deep relaxation. Within minutes the brain reaches extraordinary levels of focus and performance that would otherwise take years of practice to achieve.

SMT helps listeners create a new self-image as a healthy, happy, optimistic person who no longer lets small things turn into stress. SMT makes sure listeners are focusing on everything they want out of life so they can have it, effortlessly!


Benefits Include:

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Boost DHEA, serotonin, GABA, melatonin, and beta-endorphins
  • Reduce cortisol naturally and restore your body’s natural pH
  • Rid the body of excess adrenaline
  • Access a deeper meditative state without years of disciplined practice
  • Increase mental clarity of thought and develop your intuition
  • Eliminate insomnia and enhance sleep so you can awaken feeling rejuvenated and energized
  • Reduce your stress, worry, frustration, irritability, and moodiness while achieving emotional stability, psychological balance, and mental harmony
  • Attain the right mindset to achieve your life goals

Energized Water

Energized waterDid you know that scientists have discovered a 4th phase of water? Most of us know the other three phases: Solid, liquid and gas. But now a 4th phase has been identified which is somewhere between a solid and liquid form. Interestingly this water is typically found on the inside of our cells and is directly necessary for the cells in our body to make energy!

70% of Americans are often experiencing dehydration, which is the main cause for stress, directly leads to low performance and other series of diseases. If 70% of the human body is water and 90% of blood plasma is water, you better believe this is a big deal.

New findings revealed that most of the water we drink is scientifically classified as “lifeless” due to lack of oxygen and minerals. Most are also acidic and have loose molecular structure. Whether it is tap, filtered, purified or distilled water, their large cluster size can hardly penetrate the cell membrane which has a tiny narrow path. So no matter how much water or beverage we consume, the “drought” inside of our cells cannot be relieved.

Scientists also found out that most healthy cells (DNA) are surrounded with organized, energetically structured water molecules, and cells with damaged DNA are often surrounded with loose structured water molecules. Our cells love energetically structured water, to transport nutrients and oxygen, but most importantly to increase the energy production on a cellular level.

So how does nature make energized 4th phase water?

It begins with the rain or snow which is naturally energized and often highly structured water. It uses movement – vortexes of energy and natural curves. It adds oxygen and minerals as water splashes and falls and it uses vital magnetic fields from the earth. The end result? A highly energized, structured, mineralized, oxygenated and purified living water!

Our machine through a strong electromagnetic power generates a vortex, which turns the lifeless water into energized structured water. This “tornado like motion” allows minerals and oxygen to be easily absorbed into the water molecules, and this process will also breakdown the large water molecules and make it pass through the cell membrane instantly. The rapid hydration at the cellular level will boost energy and enhance peak performance.

H Wave Device

H-Wave Therapy

I explain the H-Wave as, “Electrical muscle stimulation on steroids.” Most are familiar with a TENS unit where you apply the sticky pads to the skin and the machine delivers electrical impulses to block pain. There are two problems with habitual use of TENS units… First, TENS units only block pain signals, they don’t heal the cause of the pain. This is helpful at times, and I prefer TENS units over chronic use of pain medication.

Second, TENS units actually lower energy production in your cells (opposite of the Frequency Specific Microcurrent that actually increases energy in the cell), which is why long-term, habitual use of TENS units is bad for your body. The H-Wave machine feels similar to a TENS unit, but it uses specific frequencies that help to reduce pain and inflammation at the level of the brain. This is important, because pain and inflammation are ultimately controlled in the brain.

Benefits of Functional Medicine

Here are some of the most common benefits of functional medicine:

  • Improves energy
  • Relieves pain
  • Improves digestion
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Enhances sleep
  • Improves mental clarity and focus
  • Boosts mood
  • Improves overall sense of well-being
  • Reduces sugar cravings

Some Patient Success Stories

We’ve been privileged to see many patient success stories at the practice. Here are a few memorable ones:

Thyroid conditions

We had two patients diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid issues: one had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which causes hypothyroidism and the other had Graves’ disease, which causes hyperthyroidism. After treating them, Dr. Baku was able to get all of their bloodwork normalized.

If someone retook their bloodwork it would reveal they didn’t have an autoimmune disease anymore. While we can’t say that functional medicine cured the patients, their bodies were able to heal naturally. The patients experienced an improvement in their energy and moods and how they felt and functioned every day. They truly regained their lives.

Lung weakness

Another patient had severe lung weakness. After receiving care, 3-4 months later, she’s feeling so much better. The patient is able to breathe easier and isn’t having any digestive issues. She’s able to enjoy her favorite foods again.


How is your approach to functional medicine different from other practices?

The type of functional medicine we offer is based on European biological medicine. The biological European functional medicine focuses on identifying multiple underlying causes of disease. As most westernized functional medicine approaches only focus on diet and supplementation, we aim to restore the body as a whole by giving it energy/voltage, with the above mentioned therapies, along with the right nutrients. Every single cell depends on maintaining a certain level of voltage to work properly. For example, a healthy cell should be around -50 to -70 millivolts. A cancerous cell loses voltage and becomes +35 millivolts. Increasing cell voltage creates new healthy stem cells and as a result increases the body’s ability to heal as a whole and function as a whole better.

How will you put me at ease?

With functional medicine, there’s no need to be nervous. The tests we use are completely painless, quick and inexpensive. No poking, prodding or needles are used. Instead, we use simple, noninvasive testing.

Are there extra fees for functional medicine testing?

No, currently we don’t charge additional fees for it. However, if blood work is ordered, that is an additional fee charged by the lab.

Does insurance cover functional medicine?

No, it does not.

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